This is yet another example of magazines not doing a great job. Some random guy managed to run the GT500 in stock form and hit 10.66 @ 132.9 in the 1/4 mile. Not only that, he provided an actual timeslip from an actual dragstrip.

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Car and Driver does not do that. They instead use a Vbox and did not even bother to produce the full Vbox figures:

We've just hooked up our test gear in a 2020 Shelby GT500, mashed both pedals with the launch control enabled, and ridden the glorious 760-hp wave of power from zero all the way past 170 mph. The result: zero to 60 mph in 3.6, and the quarter-mile in 11.4 at 132 mph.
If some random guy on Youtube is crushing professional test figures maybe you are doing it wrong Car and Driver?

Also, maybe your conclusion is off:

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Scorches to 60 MPH in 3.6 Seconds. That's not quite as quick to 60 mph as the Chevy Camaro ZL1
Um, it is not as quick in Car and Driver's hands but the issue is traction and not the 0-60 test. Not only can it be as quick as the ZL1, it can be quicker.

Why Car and Driver did not try out a prepped drag strip or maybe try some different rubber rather than going with with the clickbait headline it can not match the ZL1 is anyone's guess. Actually, we all know exactly why they went with that headline.