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    N54 Stand alone ECUs

    I have recently went through around 20 ecu options for my setup and have a few you might like and will save you days looking into them with a few named below. After researching into alot of old forums I found that many companies have copied other peoples work and people change companies and started companies with the same or similar ecus. Anyway theirs lots to choose from that will work with the N54.

    Not sure how many people know theres more choices for plug n play then just Syvecs for N54. Personally I think getting an expensive ecu and running direct injection is defeating the purpose but theres currently 2 companies that can run piezo injectors if you want to go that way.

    SCS Delta

    After going through around 20 ecus and narrowing it down to 4 that have all the traits I require and n54 needs. After playing around on 9 of them that I downloaded with features I wanted this is the list I made and why.

    What I needed and wanted:
    Communication to supplier if needed
    drive by wire
    cam control
    engine safeties
    knock inputs
    drag orientated options like traction control boost by gear speed ect
    software I felt comfortable with
    enough inputs and outputs for sensors i needed
    Base map or someone experienced with the ecu I could communicate with

    ECU origianl list:

    ECU shortlist:

    AEM infinity - Software very easy layout and logging
    Motec gpr-m130 - Its motec enough said software layout is very user friendly, more options that you could ever need, n54 base map
    Emtron KV8 - lots of inputs and outputs like double the rest
    Maxxecu - Easy to use software not quite as nice as AEM or motec, N54 base map

    Special mention Fuel tech FT550 ECU I was set on getting this until I was unable to get straight answers from reps or figure out the software cam control as it is just on off control and they are on 3 month back order for the FT550. Also no knock sensors input is not available.

    I ended up chosing Maxxecu
    It had all the features i needed
    I am comfortable with the software
    N54 base map
    Ecu Support in my country

    Thats my list anyway screw the HPFP.

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    Nice write up.

    I've researched a bit too so I'll provide my input keeping DI vs PI out of this thread.

    You can add Motec M141 to the list of piezo controlled ECU's and there is an N54 basemap. I've been eyeing this for next year.

    Bosch MS 6.3 I believe can also control piezo's. Bosch is like the gold standard of standalones, so it comes with a hefty cost.

    I'm not a fan of Syvecs tuning software.

    Motec's M1Tune is pretty user friendly.

    For those considering standalone you may need to consider other costs as well, not just the standalone. This is dependent on which system you go with and how PNP it is. Wiring harness (if not PNP), various license's (logging enablement, analysis tools, I/O enablement, etc.), display, data logger, power control module (i.e. fuse box replacement), tuning costs (can be costly if no basemap exists), etc.
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