The S55 finally is in the 9's on stock internals and some congratulations are in order. First of all, this is the same F80 M3 that you may recall ran 10.1 @ 142.2 earlier this month setting the stock internal BMW S55 quickest and fastest record.

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Well, this Puerto Rican F80 now is in the 9's:

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The car is tuned by @CaryTheLabelGuy on Ignite Red.

Mod list:

✔️Fully Stock S55 Engine
✔️100% Stock Fuel System
✔️VTT GC Turbos
✔️VTT Splinelock Crank Hub
✔️Ignite Red 114
✔️Snow Performance Methanol Kit

✔️Stock Intercooler
✔️CSF Heat Exchanger
✔️VRSF Downpipes

Unfortunately the video of the run is very low resolution with barely any details to make out.

Regardless, congratulations to all involved on the first stock internal 9-second S55 an the new quickest and fastest overall stock bottom end 1/4 mile record .