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    ...And so it begins. PERFORMANTE Season for VF Engineering.

    For anyone who follows our Instagram, it's been no secret that we've been getting
    close to wrapping up development on our VF8XXX Supercharger System for the
    Lambroghini Huracan Performante.

    The fact that it shares the same 5.2L V10 engine as the LP 580-2 and 610-4 meant
    that the majority of the core components would carry right over. But once we were
    underway it became even more clear that Lamborghini did more than just slap on
    some fancy aero with the new ALA System, and there would be a number of critical
    physical changes that we would need to address as well. (more on that later)

    Click here to enlarge

    As with all of our Supercharger Systems, the goal is always to provide a turn-key
    package that provides everything you need for a direct bolt on installation with no
    fabrication or additional supporting modifications required; and that was indeed
    what we were once again able to accomplish!

    With a generous increase of more than 35% extra horsepower, calibration is still
    entirely handled through the factory ECU, and power is delivered to the ground
    with factory clutch packs. This means that we are not only able to retain OEM
    like drivability, but the ALA system remains fully intact and operational as it
    should on such a special model Huracan.

    Click here to enlarge

    The VF8XX System for the Huracan Performante is good for a minimum
    increase of +50 HP over the standard VF800 System. That is roughly an
    increase of more than +220 HP at the crank; or the equivalent of what we
    could very well call the LP 850-4!

    Final performance numbers will be coming soon after our schedule test with
    one of the top automotive publications in the world. The goal is to get close
    to the revered 900 HP mark, without compromising the reliability that
    our systems have become known for around the world.

    The first 10 systems will be ready to ship in March, and our sales department
    has already begun taking deposits. This first production run will sell out very
    quickly, so if you'd like to be one of the very first Supercharged Performante's
    in the world, drop us a PM / Phone call / E-mail right away!

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    Please tell me you guys have a graph for this?

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