• The McLaren 720S finally meets its match in an 1100 whp Nissan GTR

      This is the same Nissan GTR that you saw get pulled by this stock McLaren 720S a few days ago. It was running low boost at that time which meant about 813 horsepower to the wheels. They upped the boost and upped the output by roughly 300 whp.

      What a difference 300 awhp makes, eh? The Nissan GTR does not just win it crushes the 720S.

      It is great to see the car finally get trounced but it took 1100 whp from a GTR to get there. It looks like anything in the 9XX awhp range from a GTR should make for good run with the GTR edging up top. Pack over 1000 awhp if you want to win definitively.

      A rematch when the 720S gets a tune and an exhaust would be interesting to see. Then the question will be, how much power will it take to top a bolt on 720S?

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      1. PianoProdigy's Avatar
        PianoProdigy -
        Eh, my GTR went 60-130 in 4.4 making 900 whp and now does 3.4 making 1300 whp. Per video the McLaren did 60-130 in 5.3 so it should take far less than even 900 wheel to hang with a stock one. Excited to see what they do with a tune. Not taking anything away from the 720s BTW. Amazing car.

        edit: For another data point, when my car was FBO on E85 (stock engine trans and turbos) and ran 9.999 @ 136 my 60-130 was 6.7
      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        Why does the video say the 720S is 3,200lbs?
        Mclaren says it’s 2,900lbs...

        That would mean the 720S is 1000lbs lighter so it’s no wonder the GTR needs 800-850whp to just keep up.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Bowser330 Click here to enlarge
        Mclaren says it’s 2,900lbs...
        Dry... and in Europe before American crash testing standards.
      1. Blown6's Avatar
        Blown6 -
        Torque was limited on the low boost gtr run