• A stock McLaren 720S runs 9.7@147 in the 1/4 mile

      It was just a matter of time and winter weather. The McLaren 720S is not only matching the absurdly fast magazine test times but it is beating them. All it took was a bit of negative density altitude and the ATCO 1/4 mile dragstrip in New Jersey.

      Feel free to compare these slips to the 9.98 @ 141.1 pass from a stock 720S at PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway) in Florida.

      Yes, weather and location have a huge impact on performance. Over one thousand feet of negative density altitude doesn't hurt.

      With drag rubber this can be shaved down further as well.

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      1. MSIZZLE's Avatar
        MSIZZLE -
        i just can't believe how fast this car is
      1. SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
        SpeedLimit? -
        It's nice to have a second manufacturer who exceeds even their own performance figures. First Porsche, now McLarenClick here to enlarge
      1. Sticky2's Avatar
        Sticky2 -
        I would sell all of you into slavery for this car.
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        gaspam -
        on street tires nonetheless.... this car is simply amazing