• BMW SUV's are topping 1000 horsepower - F85 X5M with upgraded S63TU turbos hits 1046 hp

      Things in the BMW 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 S63TU tuning world are getting out of control. Recently, the motor cracked the 1000 whp barrier. Well, you can add another impressive feat to its list. The first 1000 horsepower F85 X5M or BMW SUV.

      Please note, this is crank output and not wheel output. Wheel output is somewhere in the upper 8XX range we are told.

      The engine is built with a forged bottom end from PPM Racing in Australia with new pistons and rods. Yes, the same PPM that offers a 5.0 liter S63TU stroker package. The compression ratio apparently was also dropped.

      The turbos we are told are custom Borg Warner units. Additional details such as the tuning, fueling, transmission upgrades, etc., are anyone's guess. This X5M was put together in Russia.

      Hopefully more details emerge but the S63TU is just impressing across the board right now.

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        Anymore details?
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        Anymore details?