• Did Dime Racing rip off Deeds Performance to create their Lambo/R8 V10 twin turbo kit?

      You likely remember the recent article on the various issues and horror story with Dime Racing and their Lamborghini Huracan twin turbo kit. After that article went up various parties contacted BoostAddict with some additional details.

      You can come away with your own conclusion from this story and BoostAddict is required to keep the sources anonymous. See what you think.

      Deeds Performance is a high quality fabricator. We're fans of their work. When a forced induction kit is coming together a tuner will often source work and parts from a variety of companies before the final product is completed. This is standard practice.

      In the screenshot above Deeds states they are doing some private label work. Someone asks if this is a kit for Dime Racing. What BoostAddict was told is that Deeds built this setup for Dime who would then buy it and pair it with tuning for a complete package.

      Well, Dime allegedly only purchased one twin turbo setup and then copied it in order to cut Deeds out. Shady, slimy, and downright dishonest if true.

      Is it true? If you go through the Rod Shuqom's Instagram account (yes that Rod Shuqom) you will notice a picture cropped slightly differently that is otherwise identical to a picture from Deeds Performance:

      Now those look similar don't they?

      Ask yourself this. What is more likely? Dime Racing contacted Deeds Performance, asked for a twin turbo setup to be designed and fabricated, promised to purchase several, paid for one and then copied it, or that they designed their own from scratch?

      Furthermore, why would people involved be contacting BoostAddict stating Deeds was ripped off by Dime if nothing at all took place?

      Well, you can fill in the blanks.

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      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Crazy how they take credit when it's obviously Deeds performance who made it lol. They did a lot of stuff for Weistec too, including motor swaps and TT kits.