• Pure Turbos upgraded BMW F82 M4 S55 vs. Dime Racing Stage 3 W205 C63 AMG S M177

      This W205 C63 AMG S looks to be our resident Dime Racing troll who proclaims Dime as the world's best AMG tuning company because he 'did his research' naturally. Funny how cheerleading on social media for discounts does not seem to apply to reality.

      The Dime Racing debacle aside we have a BMW F82 M4 camera car here tuned by RK Tunes on E60 fuel with the Pure Turbos Stage 2 S55 upgrade. The W205 C63 AMG S features the Dime Racing M177 turbo upgrade with Stage 3 tuning.

      There are three runs but each is not too long due to traffic. Next time hopefully they race somewhere without having to dodge cars. Regardless, the M4 pulls in each and every run.

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      1. gzim335's Avatar
        gzim335 -
        Horrible runs but here's some more lol
      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        $#@! man, at least put both hands on the wheel when you are racing. Snapchat your boyfriend some other time. Goddamn amateur...
      1. ms335i's Avatar
        ms335i -
        it's basically whoever gets the jump. The last race in the video posted by gzim is best. The Mercedes takes off and BMW is reeling him in ever so slightly.
      1. Jeffman's Avatar
        Jeffman -
        Totally $&@!ing irresponsible of these guys to do this in traffic. I think I saw my wife and kids in the SUV...
        How about we all abide by the "Let's not be dickheads" creed:
        I solemnly swear,
        Not to drive like a dickhead in traffic,
        Or in places where innocent bystanders, whether motor vehicles, pedestrians or otherwise,
        Could suddenly appear in my lane.

        So help me God.
      1. j_hynson's Avatar
        j_hynson -
        Racing in traffic...dick bags
      1. Itsbrokeagain's Avatar
        Itsbrokeagain -
        typical new york people judging by the color of the plates.....