• Dinan picks up 60 wheel horsepower with W205 C63 AMG C63 S M177 V8 piggyback tune

      This network does not regard Dinan highly as a tuner because their products are overpriced and they tend to underperform although they are reliable. The main aspect Dinan has going for them is they will supplement a manufacturer warranty with their own although that warranty process is dubious at best.

      BenzBoost mentioned Dinan would be entering the M177 tuning market last month. Essentially, they adapted their Dinantronics piggyback to the AMG M177 platform.

      The result from a dyno that Dinan finally allowed the owner to release certainly is respectable. They picked up 60 horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on a Dynapack dynamometer:

      Those are the best gains this network has ever seen from a Dinan tune on any platform. It is also interesting to note that Dinan is finally starting to understand they need dynos in the turbo era or nobody will take them seriously. Still, this was a controlled release by Dinan. We want to see independent Dynojet numbers without Dinan's blessing and from a car that isn't a Dinan test vehicle.

      Another aspect where Dinan deserves credit is that this will apparently be a CARB legal tune when it officially is released. For California owners, that is a plus.

      BenzBoost believes flash tunes are the best way to go for performance but for that person who is worried about their warranty, doesn't intend to upgrade their turbochargers, and wants CARB compliance, the Dinantronics box might make sense depending on its final price point.

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