• Arrow Racing Gen V Dodge Viper V10 cylinder heads and cam upgrade Dynojet results - 661 rwhp

      It is nice to finally see some Dynojet numbers for a heads and cam upgrade on the new Gen V Dodge Viper V10. The upgrade was measured on a Dynojet and it shows 661 naturally aspirated horses to the rear wheels and and 600 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.

      Very solid numbers considering a stock Viper is the ~540 whp range. The car in question has supporting modifications including ARH headers, an ARH catback, and an underdrive pulley.

      A bolt on Viper with those modifications sees about ~600 wheel horsepower. The heads and cam are giving another 50-60 wheel horsepower. Not gigantic buy hardly insignificant.

      We hoped to see over 700 at the wheels on a Dynojet considering a preview dyno on a Mustang dynamometer showed 647 to the wheels. Not exactly the conservatively reading Mustang one usually expects compared to a Dynojet.

      Is the upgrade worth the ~13k it costs? Well, that depends. For those who want the ultimate roadcourse setup, probably. For those who just want power it is better to wait for more forced induction options considering that the tuning for this heads and cam package is all done by an Arrow control unit and you can not mix and match this cam package with forced induction tuning options at this time. That is unless you have some sort of standalone but even then the cam is probably not necessary for those who want to boost.

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      1. 93siro's Avatar
        93siro -
        God i love this car. 660whp is enough for me. Someday...
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        With more aggressive tuning and maybe a more aggressive cam 700 whp NA should be possible. Maybe mill the heads for a compression bump.

        Regardless, impressive NA power.