• Evolve S85 V10 flash tune (software) released - wheel and crank dyno's attached - 8800 rpm

      Evolve has released their S85 V10 software. We really like that they give both wheel and flywheel figures. The wheel figures read fairly close to what one should expect on a dynojet. DynoDynamics create a lot of issues in trying to compare numbers across various dynos. We have posted the CA Automotive software figures below to compare to the Evolve figures to illustrate what we mean. The vehicle was tested on 99 octane UK fuel from Shell. They also have it revving to 8800 rpm ( ! ) but plan to dial that down to 8400 as there is no power to be gained going up that high. Price is 850


      Just for comparison purposes, here are the before and after figures CA Automotive released for their S85 Software:


      We think this illustrates pretty well how Dyno Dynamics results can give wildly different appearances and how certain results can appear to be exaggerated.

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