• Audi intends to build a whole range of new electric cars including SUV's in order to take on Tesla

      This is not a brand new story as an all electric Q8 SUV was reported back in February. Audi for whatever reason takes offense to Tesla and seems to be a bit bitter about their success. Regardless, Audi will be taking Tesla on with a new range of all electric vehicles. Audi has been touting their electric offerings for a while now and mostly with their all electric R8. That car back in 2012 set the Nurburgring laptimes record for an electric 'production' car.

      This electric R8 will finally be launched in 2015 it looks like but Audi is not stopping there. Audi is developing their Q8 to position against the Tesla Model X SUV and sedans which would then in turn take on the Tesla Model S. Audi's targeted range for their electric cars is 248 miles or about on par with Tesla.

      Audi sources speaking to reuters say that demand will accelerate in 4-7 years for electric cars and they will be prepared. BMW of course is already launching their electric cars and it seems all the major German brands will be competing in this area. No matter what, electric mobility is simply the future.


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        lol nothing new, Audi is always watching what others do, $#@!ing about it, then making something decent to compete. sometimes they make a better product and sometimes they don't, just why sooooo... butthurt ?