• Jet Black E92 M3 with full Arkym Kit and HRE's

      Here we have some exceptional photography of an E92 M3 in Black with the full Arkym kit. The car has the hood in carbon along with the trunk and rear diffuser. The retail prices are $1999 for the hood, $1249 trunk, and $449 for the diffuser. The car is also lowered on HRE wheels. Well done overall.

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      1. CookieCrisp's Avatar
        CookieCrisp -
        is that mitchells car?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by CookieCrisp Click here to enlarge
        is that mitchells car?
        Maybe, I don't know Mitchell. Mitchell is a nice name.
      1. dark335i's Avatar
        dark335i -
        does anyone else think the trunks lines don't flow with the car...?
      1. DD GT3 RD's Avatar
        DD GT3 RD -
        like this hood much more than the Vorsteiner. NICE M!Click here to enlarge
      1. BoostAddict's Avatar
        BoostAddict -
        That is stunning
      1. Yukohama's Avatar
        Yukohama -
        kit looks pretty sickk, id go with a different trunk though to flow more with the lines of the car
      1. NatAsp-M3's Avatar
        NatAsp-M3 -
        I think the trunk looks fine for the e92, it was the e90 version that I wasn't sure blended well. I almost ordered one but the challenge wasn't much more and I thought it might have better fitment. I also like the hood.
      1. mobilefitt's Avatar
        mobilefitt -
        That hood is soooo very functional looking. That inlet is right where my cones want to breath and the outlet is the hottest part of my E90's power-plant.
      1. dOpEdUpM3's Avatar
        dOpEdUpM3 -
        C/F on Jet Black.. Click here to enlarge (also very nice shots)

        Who makes that front lip.. Vorsteiner?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by dOpEdUpM3 Click here to enlarge
        Who makes that front lip.. Vorsteiner?
        Arkym makes that lip.