• BimmerWorld S54 E46 M3 Race Exhaust - Drop 62 pounds and gain over 10 wheel horsepower

      BimmerWorld has released their E46 M3 race exhaust. The exhaust weighs just 27 pounds and drops an impressive 62 pounds vs. the stock exhaust. The horsepower gains are in the 10 whp range as you can see in the dyno below. The gains are vs. a "typical" sport exhaust. What is a typical sport exhaust? We don't know, we would prefer for BimmerWorld to be more specific as to the mods on the car used on their baseline. The exhaust is priced at $999.99 and unfortunately we have no sound clips to show you.

      The exhaust uses all the factory mounting points and will bolt up to the stock header. 100% 304L stainles steel construction. 3.5" diamater piping. As you can see, no cats, straight pipe, and designed around max performance.

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      1. BoostAddict's Avatar
        BoostAddict -
        I'd love to hear this in person. 10whp seems pretty good just for a catback. If I had an S54 I would get this, but I'm weird, I like function over form.
      1. Ilia@IND's Avatar
        Ilia@IND -
        The right car could pull off the single exit single tip look, even if it's a street car. I'd imagine this exhaust is very loud, though! I'd love to hear a video, it looks like a nice piece.
      1. 600whp S4's Avatar
        600whp S4 -
        yeah the single tip would need a different splitter