• The Porsche 991 Turbo S gets compared to the McLaren MP4-12C on the road, track, and in a drag race

      Now the McLaren MP4-12C is hardly a cheap car but the 991 Turbo S price has ballooned so far this comparison makes a lot of from a performance and price perspective. The 991 Turbo S starts at $182,050 and with options can easily go to over $200k out the door. The cars also have other similarities other than being expensive such as twin turbo powerplants with the same 3.8 liters of displacement although the Porsche motor is a direct injected flat-6 whereas the McLaren MP4-12C has a port-injection V8 with a flat-plane crank.

      On paper, the McLaren is lighter (rear wheel drive instead of all wheel drive like the 991 Turbo S) and more powerful at 616 horsepower to the 991 Turbo S 560 horsepower.

      So Chris Harris got his hand on both and pitted them against each other in the real world. So what happened?

      In the drag race the McLaren gets a slight jump but the all wheel drive of the 991 Turbo S eliminates the advantage quickly. As speeds rise, the McLaren MP4-12C simply pulls away. This is exactly what should happen and is in stark contrast to the junk AutoCar gave us of a short sprint between the two on a tight road that showed the 991 Turbo S coming out on top.

      Now, the problem is as you often have with Chris Harris videos is the lack of hard data. He gets both cars on the road course but provides only his impressions and no laptimes. It is obvious to see what happened in the drag race for example but without data we can only speculate regarding how even the cars are up to the speeds he quotes. He really needs to start providing proper data rather than just his opinions.

      That said, the MP4-12C is the faster car here and likely quicker around the track. We will have to wait for a proper track comparison to know for sure.

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      1. Nugs's Avatar
        Nugs -
        Both look like awesome cars, but you'd have to take the McLaren.
        Plus Porsche prices are messed up in Australia
        12C = $440k
        Turbo S = $478k
        (on road price with zero options)
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        12C all day every day.
      1. onisyndicate's Avatar
        onisyndicate -
        12c would be my dream super car to buy! It's sexy, sleek and fast! If i ever hit the lotto one of those will sit in my garage!
      1. Alpina_B3_Lux's Avatar
        Alpina_B3_Lux -
        McLaren any time. Fantastic car - and in Europe there are now used ones for 130.000 EUR.

      1. Nemesis07r's Avatar
        Nemesis07r -
        Mclaren no doubt
      1. 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
        0-60Motorsports -

        Check out EK's drag run from a few nights ago in his Turbo S....

      1. Group.america's Avatar
        Group.america -
        McLaren Mp4 time there in the new Turbo S
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Group.america Click here to enlarge
        McLaren Mp4 time there in the new Turbo S