• The dangers of posing with a fake M3 or when meets get ugly - Running into even an bigger idiot and wannabe thug

      We laugh at M3 posers. We make fun of M posers. We mock M posers. Then we move on with our lives. The fellow you see in the video below here took it a bit more to heart insulting the guy, saying he knows his mom, where he lives, and making threats with mentions of a gun in someone's mouth. Yes, he really goes that far because the poser is "not about that life." It's best not to mess with this guy as "his peoples are everywhere." So don't make fun of his friends on Facebook.

      He really says that. He really makes threats against the guys life which are recorded on camera and can (and should) be used against him in the proper channels. The issue here is not really showing up with a fake M but one idiot trying to assert himself in a quintessential thug manner over another. It's your basic bro down although on a different level as with people standing around watching the show the guy is posing like a thug yelling and screaming for maximum effect. It's a shame the smaller guy doesn't stand up for himself and is not prepared to defend himself.

      Regardless, this is a lesson in not taking online problems offline and always keeping in mind you do not know who is behind the computer screen. You also do not know who you will run into at an offline meet. Always be prepared, always protect yourself. Especially if someone tries to damage your property as what happens in the video.

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        $#@!in animal, but if the little guy was a ethug maybe he got what was coming to him
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        That entire video of him talking included three sentencess repeated over and over and over and over.

        And what is " that life? " racing and drifting? Lmfao
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        Best comment

        "wait $#@!s actually met at walmart to drift in the parking lot?"
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by whoosh Click here to enlarge
        "I'm bringin' it to yo doorstep!"

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        Lol....where did you get this pic of Sticky? Hahaah!
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        Please. Like I'd ever go door to door for anything let alone for something non-profit.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        I'd be the guy laughing at all the 335i people especially once they say their car is faster than an M3. I'd be like, ORLY?

        Then the royal rumble would ensue.

        LOL, I can imagine
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        Car meet in wal-mart parking lot. seems legit.
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        people really behave this way? And im not trying to be some kind of tough guy but there is no way in the world I would let someone bark at me like that.
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        Both of them are idiots. smh. Am incorrect in assuming that the guy being yelled at apparently is a snitch to the cops according to the "thug"?
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        Wow, I'm sooo impressed. He is clearly the alpha (dominating the 16 yr old).
        Combined IQ of 18.... and that's a grand total including the crowd.
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        I'm going to start saying different iterations of "about that life" now thanks to this.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by .blackgt. Click here to enlarge
        I heard mention of an M3 in the beginning. Anyone from these forums?

        Damn, didn't realize someone was video taping me.

        In my defense, I was hungry and didn't have a Snickers handy.