• Race suspension available for the Porsche 981 Cayman and Boxster, TPC Racing Stage 4 suspension system for the 981 - Coilovers, sways, drop links

      Here's a fairly serious suspension upgrade for the Porsche 981 based vehicles including the Cayman and Boxster. The TPC Racing Stage 4 suspension system consists of adjustable sway bars, adjustable drop links, adjustable toe links, and JRZ RS Pro adjustable dampers/coilovers with custom spring rates.

      Basically you can suit this setup to whatever your preference whether it be extracting every last tenth at the track or for back road fun.

      TPC Racing 981 Boxster/Cayman/S Stage 4 Suspension System includes:

      -JRZ RS Pro Adjustable Dampers

      -TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars

      -TPC Racing Adjustable Toe Links

      -TPC Racing Adjustable Drop Links

      JRZ RS Pro Adjustable Dampner System

      For these more performance focused suspension setups, we turn to our PRO RACING Suspension Division, JRZ USA, for a set of high performance coilovers that can stand up to the demands of the serious racer and provide the edge needed for overall victory. Stage 4 includes a set of JRZ RS Pro quality coilovers. With models ranging from our entry level JRZ RS/RS PRO dampers to the Quadruple Adjustable Pro Racing Coilovers. Each JRZ coilover system comes with a custom spring setup, designed around an individual driver's drving style and most raced tracks. Thanks to JRZ USA, the general public now has access to the very same equipment professional race teams use. With countless pro racing victories, JRZ USA suspension systems are second to none, and are the perfect choice for your 981!

      The JRZ RS PRO is the perfect shock for the Porsche enthusiast who demands unparalleled performance in any racing condition. With its design based upon the championship bred JRZ Race Damper, the JRZ RS PRO retains much of the wide range of adjustment offered by the race shock, but at a lower price. Whether it is taking on The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca or rounding The Carousel at the Nurburgring, or carving up a mountain road with surgical precision, the JRZ RS PRO has the perfect setup.

      The JRZ RS PRO was developed to provide users with the adjustability and handling feedback required for true high performance driving. Its double adjustable monotube design allows for precise adjustment of both high speed compression and rebound settings. With it's ability to accept a wide range of spring weights and sizes, the JRZ RS PRO adaptable to any setup.

      TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars

      TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars are designed by racecar drivers on professional racing circuits. Designed to exceed to performance capability of any factory or off-the-shelf sway bar, the TPC Racing 981 Adjustable Sway Bars set will help any driver reach the next level in their on track performance, or just enjoy a more spirited driving experience on the road.

      Sway bars work by controlling the load transfers across the front and rear of a vehicle. These are a major contributing factor to whether a car will have a tendency to exhibit oversteer(loose) or understeer(tight). With TPC Racing's revised sway bar rates tested on both the street and track, now any driver can gain the edge of a chassis with nearly perfect stability, consistency, and predictability through any corner.

      The results are clear; a more stable chassis leads to great driver confidence, higher cornering speeds, and lower laptimes. In most cases drives can take several seconds off of their laptimes with just an upgrade in sway bars alone.

      TPC Racing Adjustable Toe Links

      TPC Racing Adjustable Toe Links are the best solution whether you are trying to achieve the perfect race setup or just increase everyday drivability while reducing tire wear. They are the perfect answer for both the occasional track day car, or for any full race effort. These toe links feature an adjustable center section, which provides the large range of adjustment necessary for a competitive racecar. Using 100% aircraft grade material, the TPC Racing Adjustable Toe Links are designed with Aurora high-strength teflon coated spherical bearings in place of the factory rubber bushings, which deflect under load. Elimination of these rubber bushings results in more precise and consistent handling on both the road and track. Adjustable Toe Links also allow for a wide range of bumpsteer adjustment. Because the vehicle's suspension geometry and rate change as the ride height changes, it is essential to have enough adjustability on the suspension to combat any negative handling characteristics the vehicle may exhibit.

      TPC Racing Adjustable Drop Links

      In order to cope with the heavier loads generated by the TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars, it is necessary to install a set of TPC Racing Adjustable Drop Links. These racecar quality parts are made from high strength anodized aluminum, with high strength rodends to handle the added load. However, because these are racecar strength rodends, they do make some clicking/tapping at low(parking lot) speeds. As a remedy for this we do offer optional rubber rodend boots to help isolate any additional noise generated.

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