• The difference a custom 3 inch Y-pipe makes on a 996TT from the OEM pipe - PorscheBoost member sees substantial gains

      Some great work here by PorscheBoost Porsche Performance Forum member M3ntal on this stock internal 996TT. This is the same car that on the stock motor hit 717 wheel horsepower. Looking for more power and torque M3ntal decided to switch from the restrictive OEM Y-pipe to a custom three inch Y-pipe design. The result? Substantial gains from about 3700 rpm to 6200 rpm. It would appear to pick up as much as 50 wheel horsepower in the mid range.

      These results were achieved with the only difference being the stock Y-pipe and the custom Y-pipe. Stock motor car, stock exhaust manifolds, HTA 3071 turbos, E85 fuel, and 1.6 BAR of boost on both runs. Nice work @M3ntal although please get a dyno with the peak figures listed next time. Graph and video below.

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        Nice results!
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        P-Car POWER
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by benzy89 Click here to enlarge
        P-Car POWER
        Right on. The dyno pulls for that car are insane.

        @M3ntal - what's next for the car?
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        Very nice! Makes me want a p car...