• USP Motorsports versus "1300 horsepower" Prototech 997 Turbo Part II - Epic Porsche owner butthurt on display

      This is Part II of an article posted just a day ago regarding the race between the USP Motorsports VR6 swapped turbo B5 S4 and a Prototech E85 powered upgraded turbo and built motor 997 Turbo. A new video was posted by USP Motorsports showing some of the comments from the Porsche owner which meant a follow up article due to the epic butthurt on display was necessary. There is no shame in losing to a 932 wheel horsepower and 9.4@160 1/4 mile car by the way.

      The 997 Turbo owner claims to have 1300 horsepower. Well, based on the result of the race, he clearly doesn't. The dude got spanked and against such a stout VR6 turbo S4 once again there is no shame. The funny part is how the Porsche owner handled it saying he did not pull his rear seats. USP Motorsports slammed this in hilarious fashion:

      Classic. Obviously pulling the back seats would have made no difference. USP Motorsports was fairly gentle with the guy considering he even took the hit in the race, more than AudiBoost would have been, especially when the guy who just lost is basically begging for some props on his car. Another hilarious response by USP Motorsports though wondering if the guy needs a hug:

      The guy from USP Motorsports states he will race the Porsche owner again in his own Porsche to make it fair since he is complaining about the USP Motorsports car being a race car despite the fact it is limited in its turbo size by its class. Reality is, this S4 could be a hell of a lot faster.

      The Porsche owner again makes a hilarious response thinking it is a game of one-upmanship stating he has a pro-mod car in response to running in True Street (the drag class in which the S4 races). The response, "That won't work" did not seem to click with the Porsche owner who's butthurt seemed to be overwhelming his reasoning.

      Hilarious, enjoy the video below.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 600whp S4 Click here to enlarge
        The S4 has no back seats
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        Hmm.. funny I know both David Hart & Chris Green... both tuners. What they should run it's some Heffner cars.
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        What a sore loser
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by efx1 Click here to enlarge
        What a sore loser
        Hahah just a bit.
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        Funny vid, the s4 is a beast!
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        and the S4 now has back seats in it!

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by speeding-g60 Click here to enlarge
        and the S4 now has back seats in it!
        Well this changes everything... EVERYTHING.