• APR Stage IV GTI with GT28 turbocharger versus GT35r upgrade Misubishi Evo 8 roll races

    This is an interesting matchup between two cars with similar sized and turbocharged four cylinder motors. The main difference here being that the GTI has front wheel drive and the Evo 8 is an all wheel drive vehicle. The front wheel drive layout of the GTI actually helps it in this race despite its smaller turbo due to lower drivetrain losses as it is able to pull the Mitsubishi Evo in a couple of the videos although it is very close between the two.

    The GTI is an APR shop car said to be Stage 4 which likely includes built motor and heads. The Evo 8 has a GT35r turbo at 21 psi. Both cars are on pump gas. The Evo is said to have 427 horsepower and the GTI is around 385 horsepower. Videos are below.

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      Yeah, I'd say it needs a new tune for sure. As long as my ID2000cc injectors show up in time, I have an appt for an e85 tune wednesday.