• GermanBoost SEMA 2012 Coverage Day 1 - Wheels and Tires

      GermanBoost coverage of SEMA 2012 will be split into three days simply due to the size of the show this year. It looks bigger than ever and quite simply is packed. This set of photos covers wheels and tires as well as whatever else that was interesting that happened to be in the hall. Overall, quite an enjoyable first day with a ton to look at and some very high quality booth babes. Enjoy the photos with descriptions below.
      Photo Editing Credit: Sarah Bodwin

      ALMS Porsche GT3:

      Some crazy raised dually in the off-road section:

      Carbon ceramic brakes on a 1M, new company should have these brakes for multiple applications:

      SEMA girls:

      BMW CCA car:

      GT Haus claiming big power of an F10 M5 but nothing to back it up:

      CEC had a great setup, easy to photograph, and all cars in a great looking matte white paint job:

      Being a booth girl is tough work:

      Liked her :

      These would be awesome on something old school, have to admit this looked great:

      Great looking R8 Spyder and F13 6-Series:

      The MP4-12 with a drop, tint, and wheels is mouth watering:

      The Iforged showing was great, these wheels had a blue hue to them that really worked well:

      These will do:

      Dropped F30 on black rims, looked great:

      Absolutely insane full carbon body race R8, spectacular:

      Getting in the Halloween spirit:

      The Vorsteiner 991 program simply looks phenomenal:

      The new Viper didn't wow me:

      IND modified F10 M5 with Eisenmann exhaust:

      Mind blowing race SLR:

      Giovanna by far had the hottest chicks and some high end cars to go with them:

      Never get enough of the girls:

      Absurd 32 inch rim:

      The Prior Design SL widebody looked great and fitment was absolutely spot on in person:

      My favorite girl at the show:

      Widebody C63 AMG:

      She really was happy to get her photo taken:

      Really digging the Asian girls at the show:

      ADV.1 had a great setup with great marketing with the dresses their booth girls were wearing. Very nice booth all around but hard to get photos of the Ferrari squeezed in there. Still, they appear to be doing quite well:

      Not a lot of appreciation from people for this 3, simply phenomena and deserved a lot of attention:

      Wasn't feeling this M3 all that much:

      GMG B5 S4 race car:

      Underground Racing R8 V10, was great to see the quality of their work in person. It's absolutely perfect, what can be said? The matte red on this R8 is gorgeous as well:

      The World Motorsports twin turbo M159 SLS was in attendance but nothing about it told you it was twin-turbo other than the badge on the side. No details on the kit, no popped hood, nothing really but it was there:

      Token picture of my friends GTR:

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