• cp-e FMIC and oil cooler install and review

      Some time ago I posted a sneak peak of the new cp-e FMIC/oil cooler for the n54. Iím happy to report now that I have the whole setup installed and am thrilled. Here are tons of pix that explain how it all works.

      Here are the original images showing the cp-e FMIC and oil cooler off of the car.

      The FMIC installs with silicone couplers to the the turbo hot pipes. cp-e provides an Al pipe and couplers (not pictured) to the BOV pipe. Everything is 4-ply silicone. I followed the e90 diy for bumper removal.

      For more information on the efficiency of the FMIC please read this document:

      The engineering and analysis of the core with respect to the stocker is second to none. It really is worth the read even if you donít have or want the FMIC. The information is golden.

      The cp-e FMIC comes with an oil cooler which separates it from the other offerings out there. The retail price is a little over $1K. cp-e is local to me and I can tell you that everyone that visits their setup is completely blown away by their work. Anyway, this is how the oil cooler connects.
      The sport package oil cooler setup has two lines coming from the filter housing to a fitting that leads to the sport package oil cooler near the front of the car. The fitting holds the lines to the cooler assembly by a single 13 mm bolt. In this pick the bolt has been removed, the fitting rotated and a line removed. Thatís why there is a bunch of oil. The install is a bit messy but not bad.

      This is a pic of the BMW line removed with the cp-e billet Al fittings attached.

      This pic shows that same BMW line inserted into a billet Al fitting attached to the cp-e oil line. The kit comes with billet Al pieces so that everything fits together seamlessly. The line to the oil cooler has an Al piece that the stock BMW line inserts into. The Al piece shown in the previous pic fits around the stock line and screws down onto the Al piece in the oil cooler line. Hopefully the next two images clear up this woeful descriptionÖ

      This is the other cp-e line with another billet Al piece that inserts into the BMW oil cooler fitting with everything buttoned back up and the oil cleaned. The bolt centered is the 13 mm that was mentioned earlier.

      Hereís a shot of the oil cooler atop the FMIC.

      Here are couple of the finished product.

      The writeup indicates the gains in efficiency are best above 4K rpms and thatís where I really feel this. The car just seems to wake up again and pull like crazy up top. Iíve hit the rev limiter now because it was pulling so hard and the rpms were climbing so fast. I never had that issue before. IIRC the gains were about 22 whp at 12 psi. I think I can feel that and more importantly as I run through the gears the car just keeps pulling. Itís really a fantastic product.

      I drove home today (30 miles with lights and highway) boosting all the way to see the effects of the oil cooler and am happy to report that my temps were 10-15 deg below what they normally are. The ambient temp was 86 deg F and Iím running 14 psi on the standback and my oil temp never got over 245. It mainly stayed below 240. Additionally, the temp seems to come down more noticeably when it gets hot.

      Iíve been telling them to offer the oil cooler as a standalone unit for those that already have FMICs. Theyíre considering it.

      As a package, itís a bargain and the gains are real.

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