• M3 DCT Build Journal - Part II - Cracking it open

      SSP cracked open the DCT over the weekend and some surprising things were found. First of all, Kris at SSP told me he was a bit surprised as to the quality of the transmission and how well built it is. It is heavy duty as he said and the clutch discs have basically the same pattern but are slightly larger than the GR6 pads.

      What does this mean? It means the M3 DCT can actually take quite a bit of power. It also means it will be able to take just as much as the GTR, they will end up in approximately the same place in torque capacity. There are numerous other things but I will let Kris chime in himself on that. Here is the trans being taken apart:

      Part III later this week: What I did to the clutch packs

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