• Bimmerboost T-shirt design contest ! Giveaway inside.

      The time has come for another contest !

      This one will require some skills from our members .


      We are looking for a t-shirt design to be printed and distributed.

      What are we looking for ?

      -We are looking for a modern, kick ass design.

      You may use this as a template.

      - Shirt can be any color you wish.
      - Looking for front and back
      - We are open to ideas and suggestions. Be creative and run with it.


      We will be accepting submissions starting NOW until April 30th (1 month).


      Please email designs to in ZIP format.

      The winner will be announced 7 working days after contest has ended. A new thread will be made announcing winner and design.
      All entries will be reviewed and judged by Bimmerboost staff as well as our resident graphic designer. We had the option of having him make it, but we wanted to give the opportunity to forum members to share their ideas and win a prize.


      The winner will receive a FREE t-shirt in color/size of choice once shirts to into production.

      Think we're done?? NO.

      Winner will also receive the following. A BIG thanks to CP-E !

      Tow plate will fit 3 series e9x models.

      BMW 3 series e9x TowPlate™
      Did you know that in the United States 31 of the 50 states REQUIRE a front license plate? If you live in one of those 31-states and don’t run a front plate, you may be subject to fines and harassment from law enforcement. It’s just another great justification for a police officer to pull you over. The problem is that running a front plate typically requires permanent modifications to the front bumper, looks out of place, and also blocks airflow to the front mounted intercooler. The cp-e™ TowPlate™ solves all of these problems.

      The cp-e™ TowPlate™ was designed to mount the license plate off center, and away from the intercooler. This allows the intercooler to work at full capacity, which ultimately helps performance. The off-center placement is also congruent with the natural lines of the car, which looks trick without being ostentatious.

      It is constructed from thick cold rolled steel for super strength and rigidity. This is to ensure that the plate doesn’t deflect or rattle when cruising at high speeds like some universal sheet metal kits can. The bracket of course comes powdercoated for a finished look, and to protect from any rust or corrosion.

      Thanks to everyone for their contributions and support.

      Without you, Bimmerboost would not be growing so rapidly.

      Good luck to everyone !

      -Bimmerboost Staff.