• No BMW M6? What? Vision Dynamics Instead?

      Autocar is reporting there will be no M6 and I find that very hard to believe. Why not? Same drivetrain and motor as the M5, seems like a slam dunk to me. With M SUV's these days an M6 is suddenly out of line?

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      BMWs flagship M6 performance car is unlikely to be replaced when the next 6-series arrives, has learned.

      Instead, its position at the top of the range is likely to be filled by a V8 sports car drawing cues from BMWs Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

      The 6-series has gradually evolved into a grand tourer since its 2004 introduction rather than an out and out sports car; this has led to the M6, a car aimed primarily at US buyers, sitting awkwardly within the range. So a replacement isnt likely to appear in next years new 6-series line-up.

      The M3 coupe-size Vision ED offers M3 performance with Toyota Prius levels of economy and CO2 emissions. A prototype ED will be running by the summer; its intended to be a hi-tech sports car that showcases all of BMWs eco-tech in the packaging of a performance car.
      The Vision ED concept uses an advanced diesel-electric hybrid system producing a total of 356bhp and 590lb ft. Its turbocharged three-cylinder engine could make it into the next 1 and 3-series models. But the production version of the Vision ED may get the next-gen M5s twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8.

      Using this engine will ensure the firm still offers a car with M6 levels of power and performance, but the inclusion of much of Vision EDs eco-tech, as well as that cars more daring styling, would allow the car to be marketed as a standalone model.
      BMW R&D chief Klaus Draeger has said a future BMW supercar has to be intelligent and dramatic-looking, something like the ED concept.

      The car would give the firm the direct rival to the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 ranges, and would also allow BMW to compete with AMGs forthcoming baby SLS model.
      If Efficient Dynamics has killed the M6 there will be heck to pay... heck I say.

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