• BMW F34 3 Series GT (Gran Tourismo) to debut this year in Paris - Is BMW making a mistake with this model? (Poll)

      BMW decided to introduce the 550GT thinking it would somehow bridge the gap between people who liked wagons and people who liked SUV's as if there is a large group sitting in the middle. The problem is people who like SUV's did not like the 550GT and the exact same could be said for people who like wagons. So, 550GT's linger to this day on lots and BMW themselves admitted the 550GT was a disappointment as wagon buyers went to Mercedes instead of buying the 5GT as anticipated.

      Is BMW repeating the same mistake here? The 3 Series wagon is coming back to the United States specifically because the 550GT is a failure and the decision was made to sell the 550GT instead of the 5 wagon in the USA. For whatever reason, BMW is determined that a niche between wagons and SUV's exists despite terrible sales. Has anyone at BMW actually looked at the 550GT? The car looks like it suffers from some kind of birth defect as if that were even possible.

      Audi successfully bridges this SUV/wagon gap with their Allroad model however all that vehicle happens to be is a raised A4 wagon. We think BMW would actually create a more appealing model doing the same thing as Audi.

      Well, we are getting this car one way or another as all that matters is keeping the sales numbers above Audi and Mercedes. The platform will be shared with the F35 4 Series Gran Coupe. Call us crazy, but out of all the 3 and 4 Series variants we think this one will be the least popular. It may prove to work better on the cheaper 3 Series than the 5 however. We will be better able to gauge when it is officially revealed at this years Paris Auto Show starting on the 29th of September.

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