• Awesome video: Porsche 911 (997) GT2 RS compared to a Nisan Juke? Not crazy when it's the Juke-R - Laptimes and drag race

      The idea of comparing a sports car like the 997 GT to the Nissan Juke is almost insane. That is until you consider this is a Juke-R which was created using the Nissan GT-R drivetrain and chassis pieces. The Juke-R weighs slightly more than the Nissan GTR but with it's shorter wheelbase it actually has quicker turn in. The center of gravity being higher no doubt hurts it but still the Juke-R is a very impressive little piece of machinery (and maybe even more fun than the GTR).

      The GT2 RS is completely different. It is almost 1000 pounds lighter, rear wheel drive, and it has a 6-speed manual rather than a dual clutch transmission. It's the fastest car in the Porsche lineup and absolutely spectacular in every way.

      Now the cars are compared around the track and thankfully the EVO editor doing this piece for Car and Driver gives us very well detailed laptimes. As usual, it is a damp track as this is England. So, conditions favor the Juke. The GT2 RS wins the lap battle but it is closer than one would expect. 1:21.56 for the GT2 RS to 1:22.62 for the Juke-R. There is absolutely no shame for the Juke-R in losing especially when it is so close with much less power going to the tires and much more weight. Impressive, definitely.

      The cars also are drag raced and the Juke-R loses pretty badly making how close it was on the track even more impressive. We have no complaints about driver skill as the GT2 RS is launched just about perfectly jumping out ahead even against the all wheel drive Juke-R with its launch control. Right about now is when normally we would complain about not having acceleration figures but those are provided by Car and Driver with a breakdown to 10 mph, 20 mph, 30 mph, etc. Very nicely done!

      The Juke-R is able to win the sprint to 60 despite trailing slightly at the launch due to the shift in the GT2 RS and the dual clutch mitigating that time. 0-60 for the Juke-R is an eye opening 3.51 seconds with the GT2 RS hitting 3.66. After this point the GT2 RS simply takes over with its higher horsepower, lower drivetrain losses, lower weight, and superior aerodynamics.

      1/4 mile numbers are 11.35@132.9 for the GT2 RS and 11.79@120.3 for the Juke-R. The top end of the GT2 RS is simply something the Juke can not match. It only gets worse the longer the race goes.

      We would like to commend EVO contributing editor Jethro Bovingdon for this piece which is one of the highest quality automotive comparison videos we have seen this year. This beats the pants off anything we have seen from Chris Harris for example who just does not detail or provide supporting data anywhere near as well. Incredibly well done and we feel this sets a high standard. If we had the opportunity, this is exactly how we would like to do it. Check out the video below.

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        This is an awesome video/comparison. You guys should be enjoying this one...
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        That Juke is not a joke!
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        No, it's absolutely awesome.
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        Latest episode of Car and Driver:
        GT-R-powered Nissan Juke-R against a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a turbo six-cylinder face-off.

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        He said that the GT-R doesn't feel robotic...he must be new and never driven any other car...driving the GT-R was the most disconnected I've ever felt from a in all what you'd expect...except maybe the price of the Juke-R...Can't be porsche's man...they are SICK machines Click here to enlarge
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