• South African BMW dealer goes too far to get loaner back? Sends heavily armed team and helicopter

      Car theft in South Africa is a major problem. However, we do not think that justifies excessive use of force by one South African BMW dealer. Auto Uhmlanga BMW sent an armored car, armed team, and a helicopter to the workplace of a customer who had kept a loaner for too long. They got the car as a team looking like the delta force bursts into your place of work and demanding your car keys is likely effective.

      A court forced the return of the car a few days later however as the loaner was given while his "defective" BMW was being repaired. The court ruled the customer would get to keep the loaner until the issue was resolved in court.

      The customer, Ravinda Jainarain, stated the following, “I noted certain defects, including that the doors were not aligned properly and that the air conditioner was not working. I returned the vehicle to the dealership.However, the vehicle was not fixed to my satisfaction and (BMW) did not give me any explanation as to how such defects could be present (in) a new car. I requested that they take the vehicle back and give me another new vehicle.”

      Jainarain stated the personnel sent to retrieve the loaner were arrogant and barged in barking orders as their helicopter hovered above his workplace. The dealership claims the dispute was resolved and BMW of South Africa would not be giving him a different car than the 320d he purchased. They then demanded the loaner back.

      The dealership statement is as follows, "He left the vehicle at the dealership and I provided a loan vehicle to use while we waited for BMW South Africa’s decision. The matter was concluded and Jainarain was no longer entitled to keep the loaned vehicle. The applicant has three years to institute action. It may take years to be resolved, therefore it is absurd that we would give him a loan vehicle for so long. The vehicle is depreciating from daily use and there is prejudice to the dealership as we cannot sell the loan vehicle to potential buyers. The applicant is also at liberty to collect his vehicle.”

      We will keep you updated on what happens but this seems like a mess which could have been avoided not to mention the cost of hiring such a team and helicopter probably outweighs the depreciation the car suffered.


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      1. sleepr6's Avatar
        sleepr6 -
        is that pic legit
        they look more tacticool than tactical
        3 of 4 weapon systems visible have no magazine in
        even if just for intimidation it has to "look" loaded
        crazy stupid stealership
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        It's just a google image. I have yet to see a pic of the team or equipment.
      1. G0TB00ST?'s Avatar
        G0TB00ST? -
        Wow lol that's a little overboard.
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        Is it for real? Bahahahhaha!
      1. Adrenacide's Avatar
        Adrenacide -
        Hahaha, go SA.
      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        I was wondering why they had red around the muzzle. They are probably just training weapons. That dealership doesn't play around, that's for sure. A freaking helicopter???
      1. persian54's Avatar
        persian54 -
        lol imagine if that happened here...
      1. Brey335i's Avatar
        Brey335i -
        I love the image chosen for this story. lol

        I'm pretty sure BMW just lost a customer in SA.
      1. 335i guy's Avatar
        335i guy -
        Lol wtf
      1. Mel690124's Avatar
        Mel690124 -
        bmw south africAa

        well done

        I also had issues with a 320d and nothing was done about it ... back and forth to and from dealership .. eventually traded it in for a z4 ... issues with the lighting on the z4 that does not seem to be solved with the dealership .. here again .... no one gives a $#@! !!!

        and I own : 530d f10 X3 Z4 2012 2.8

        owned :

        525 e39 sports
        540 e39
        523 e60
        525 e60
        523 f10

        and currently own : 530d f10 x3 and z4

        yes I am treated like a moron

        could not even get a reply from bmw why my clutch was replaced with a reconditioned one at 12000km when it was shuddering

        well done bmw south Africa

        I am moveing across to Mercedes benz