• What APR's 2.0 FSI head porting for a MK6 Golf R looks like - Video and pictures

    The Golf R uses an older 2.0 turbo design that is referred to as the FSI. For these motors, APR believes there is a lot of power to be picked up in the heads when going for big boost such as their Stage 3 and Stage 4+ packages. APR purchased a Centroid 5 axis head porting machine (see it in action in the video below) which allows APR engineers to create identically ported heads every time they are loaded onto the machine.

    APR uses CFD software to design the ports and tests them on the computer in simulation before ultimately using their flow bench and engine dyno. In addition to porting the heads APR also removes what they feel is a huge restriction in the manifold port flaps. This is an area that Volkswagen themselves addressed in the newer 2.0 TSI motors.

    APR has not released flow or dyno numbers for their headwork but we have no reason to doubt them when they say there is a lot to gain in this area.

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      that is the sickest video I have ever seen. I would hate to be the dude writing the lines of code and entering in all the axis for the initial porting job lol

      *EDIT* I did some research and AUTOCAD is built into the can digitize the ports so the machine learns beforehand, and you just save the procedure and away you go Click here to enlarge

      Things sure have changed since I was doing CAD design in 2000-2001...they dont list the price on this machine but I bet its over the $150k mark.
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      Any gains?
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      Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by dzenno Click here to enlarge
      Any gains?
      No dyno graphs but apparently there is a lot to be gained.
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      they stated before this would allow for 30-40 whp gain. I will try to find the quote from Arin@APR himself.