• Renntech tuned W212 E63 AMG with the M157 twin turbo V8 runs 11.1@126 tune only on street tires

      Low 11's on street tires tune only is an incredible achievement and exactly what a Renntech tuned E63 was able to do recently. This is now the new tune only stock tire record and was done in Florida at Palm Beach International Raceway. This E63 is the same car that ran 12.0@116 stock. With just a tune it was able to gain 10 MPH and a full second in the 1/4 mile. Incredibly impressive and clearly a 10 second car on drag radials or even the stock tires in cooler weather.

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        these cars are awesome.....we should have our tune out in the next month or so, been testing for well over a month and a half
        Waiting patiently Click here to enlarge Can't wait to see what you guys do with it! Also what you price it at...
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        Please note that the V-Tech CLS ran in a lot better weather compared to this run from the E63.... the difference in weather should be more than enough to offset any weight differences. Had this E63 been able to run in December or January, I am confident, it would've put down 11.0 if not 10.9x

        Furthermore, at this point it looks like RENNtech is one of very few companies that consistently provide dyno results from their own in-house cars, followed by track results from their in-house cars, then followed by dyno results from customer's cars, and finally followed by real-world track results from customer's own cars. Many companies don't even bother with purchasing an in-house car let alone provide track results. They rather practice on customer's cars. RENNtech's results have been very repeatable and soon we'll see many RENNtech customers repeat those results all across the US.
        Very good points. People wonder why RENNtech costs more than XYZ Fly-By-Night tuner... the extensive in-house R&D, and the warranty they offer their customers, are big parts of it.