• Carlsson W218 Mercedes CLS CK63 RS AMG with 649 horsepower - Pictures and details

      This is a very nicely executed modification package from Carlsson for the new W218 Mercedes CLS. The styling is not overdone like others (Hamann anyone?) and sophisticated adding aggression without going overboard. They add a carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber spoiler, and a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. Engine output is boosted to 649 horses which we do not doubt considering the gains on the M157 twin turbo tuners are getting. A Carlsson C-tronic suspension module which lowers the car rounds out the package.

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      1. DarkPhantom's Avatar
        DarkPhantom -
        Wow! The old CLS looked dated...this face lift looks great! This kit is a bit aggressive but nicely done!
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        The new CLS is just so hot and Carlsson modded it the right way by not overdoing it.
      1. Kbahl21's Avatar
        Kbahl21 -
        i like the new brabus rocket better lol, that kit looks sick