• Bolt on tune GT500 vs. McLaren 720S on the dragstrip

      The GT500 offers tremendous tuning value. If you can add a few bolt on modifications and run with a McLaren 720S, that is some very big bang for your buck. The GT500 in this video is making roughly ~800 rear wheel horsepower which is hardly pushing the motor.

      So how does the GT500 do against the monster that is the 720S? Well, the first run is botched due to what looks like a shifting issue. The McLaren has no problems and goes 9.94 @ 143.86.

      The second run is clean but the McLaren is still a solid 5+ miles per hour and 5/10's ahead:

      And again, the GT500 runs faster but not nearly enough:

      The GT500 loses but the performance value in the car can not be beat. There is still plenty more to extract from it as well.

      All the 720S needs to get out of reach though is a tune. Then there are upgraded turbos...

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      1. Blown6's Avatar
        Blown6 -
        Trap speed shows gt500 power increase, traction is inconsistent at best even at the track —> will be worse on the street....
      1. Cobrario's Avatar
        Cobrario -
        full weight to full weight 3100+ vs 4200+ , then add the aero advantage it's no surprise regardless of tuning, on real drag tires it'll ET close but trap will still be way off
      1. vrsixxxxxx's Avatar
        vrsixxxxxx -
        the 720 is no joke...consistent fast and stock. low 9s tuned