• RR-Racing releases Porsche 991.1 Carrera/S supercharger kit - +120 whp for $12,500

      The jump from the Porsche 991.1 Carrera to 991.2 Carrera completely changed the performance threshold and aftermarket for the Carrera models. The 991.1 generation features larger but naturally aspirated flat-6's and frankly there is not much one can do to get power out of them.

      Well, in comes RR-Racing with a real solution for a nice power increase. You may recognize the name RR-Racing from their Lexus V8 supercharger work. These guys have been around the block and can build a nice kit.

      So what are they getting out of the 991.1 Carrera S 3.8?

      463 rwhp:

      Is that a big increase over stock? Oh yes, roughly another 120 wheel horsepower depending on supporting mods.

      At $12,500 though is the supercharger worth it? Any 991.2 3.0 with a tune will outpace the Stage 1 supercharged Carrera S. There are those owner who have their 991.1's paid off and do not want to go through the hassle of a trade in plus new payments but $12,500 is a bit of coin for mid 400 wheel horsepower.

      The supercharger kit improves the 100-200 kph sprint to 7.36 seconds which puts it in 991.1 Turbo range and ahead of a stock 991.X GT3:

      Definitely a major bump in performance which the 991.1 Carrera S desperately needs in today's climate.

      • Procharger P1-X head unit: We utilize the latest in centrifugal supercharger technology, the new Procharger P1-X, capable of delivering over 600hp.
      • Autonomous Drive System: Rather than utilize the factory accessory belt as most systems do, we designed a new dual belt crank pulley that allows us to drive the supercharger on its own belt. By driving the SC on its own belt, we are able to reduce the load and wear on the belt making for a more reliable drive system. Another advantage to an autonomous drive system is that we do not increase stress to the accessories such as the AC compressor and water pump. When a single belt is used for both accessories and the supercharger, the added belt tension due to load from the supercharger results in reduced life of the accessories.
      • Harmonically Dampened Custom Crankshaft Pulley: As mentioned above, we designed a dual belt crankshaft pulley, but rather than leave well enough alone, we utilized an ATi Super Damper specifically tuned to the higher power output of the engine. The ATi Super Damper eliminates torsional vibrations that could compromise engine reliability.
      • Custom Bell Intercooler: Manufactured for us by Bell Intercoolers in USA, our air/water heat exchanger core is extremely efficient and capable of supporting over 600hp.
      • Porsche OEM radiator & Davies Craig water pump: We spare no expense and utilize the OEM ducted Porsche center radiator for the intercooler. We can also integrate the cooler with the OEM center radiator for additional cooling for track applications. The Davies Craig water pump provides approximately 3 times the water flow of standard Bosch pumps, ensuring rapid cooling of the heat exchanger. We also incorporate an additional water reservoir in the frunk compartment resulting in an increase in water capacity of 50%.
      • Turbosmart Power Port Blow off Valve: Rather than use a cheap Bosch blow off valve as found on my kits, we spared no expense and used the massive 2.5” Turbosmart Powerport BOV. A large capacity BOV is essential for long term reliability because in a supercharged application, it is crucial to rapidly reduce pressure ahead of the throttlebody during throttle transitions. Doing so results in optimal throttle response, and minimizes stress/wear on SC components.
      • Billet Belt Tensioner and Pulleys: Belt tension is critical to reducing belt slippage and consistent performance. Rather than use the weak OEM tensioner on the accessory belt, or some other off-the-shelf tensioner, we build our billet tensioner in-house. Our billet tensioner allows up to 2 times the tension of a conventional tensioner, is machined from 6061-T6, and features a sealed bearing system for long-term reliability.
      • CAD designed, CNC machined & Anodized 6061-T6 brackets.
      • Gates Racing Belt: We use the finest Kevlar reinforced high performance serpentine belt on the market.
      • Standard water-methanol injection system: For maximum reliability and power, we include the water/methanol injection system. Water/methanol injection is an extremely effective way to increase effective fuel octane and cooling. Such systems are even utilized in OEM applications, such as on the BMW M4 GTS. An added benefit to water/methanol injection is the cleaning effect. Engine running with water/methanol are effectively “steam cleaned” and do not suffer from carbon buildup issues common with direct injected engines such as the 9A1.
      • Custom ECU programming and Dimsport handheld OBD Programmer: Every kit includes our custom in house developed tune. The tune can easily be customized and updated with the provided Dimsport OBD programmer in a matter of minutes. We will gladly work with any installer to evaluate datalogs and customize the tuning to ensure optimal results.

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      1. F16HTON's Avatar
        F16HTON -
        100+ horsepower and the retention of an exhaust note inspired by some god's heartbeat. What's not to love?
      1. Sticky2's Avatar
        Sticky2 -
        Anyone else wondering why the torque curve dives after 6k rpm? Pretty weird for a centrifugal.
      1. F16HTON's Avatar
        F16HTON -
        Prolly backed the timing to zero...


        Is it twin charged? There is an electric compressor too.
      1. Zombie1's Avatar
        Zombie1 -
        What a beautiful looking kit. Make this kit for the GT3.
      1. Jiaim's Avatar
        Jiaim -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by F16HTON Click here to enlarge
        Prolly backed the timing to zero...


        Is it twin charged? There is an electric compressor too.
        it's the waterpump for charge cooling.
      1. subaru335i's Avatar
        subaru335i -
        This is cool. But like you said, I could trade in the 991.1 for a 991.2 and buy basic bolt ons to match this power for about that $12,500 price tag especially factoring in labor to install the supercharger vs the basic bolt ons to get the 991.2 to this level.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I know people are happy to have a supercharger option on the platform but the numbers are disappointing IMO.

        This 3.8 flat-6 is not far off an S65. An S65 will easily get into the 500's rwhp Stage 1.

        Why does this thing dip so hard at 6000 rpm? Torque should increase to redline.

        I'm not saying the motor is as capable as the S65 V8 supercharged, it isn't, but it also isn't too far off.

        That torque curve doesn't look right to me for a centrifugal and dies way too soon.