• Carwow asks BoostAddict for help, BoostAddict says no and that Carwow's testing sucks

      This network is critical of Carwow videos. Are they featured from time to time? Yes. Why? Because Carwow benefits from having certain cars available that never were sold in the US market plus an airstrip they seemingly get to use whenever they want to (poorly) test cars.

      Car sites need car content and Carwow fills a void from time to time. For example, when they raced the B5 RS4 Avant and the E46 M3 CSL which are two cars the US market did not get.

      Apparently Carwow did not read our article before sending this:

      Quote Originally Posted by Carwow
      Thank you for featuring a carwow produced video here:

      We really enjoy the content you push out covering the cars and we hope you like Matís videos.

      I was wondering if you could please add a hyperlink to the anchor text "carwow" and link it to our homepage

      If you need more information or have any questions, please let me know.

      Thank you for your support, we're extremely grateful.
      If Carwow read the article they would know BoostAddict and myself specifically are not big fans. If this is coming off salty as the kids say these days, sure, I'm jealous I do not have an airstrip to play with cars at any speed in California. Just acquiring the land would bankrupt me and a city would never permit it anyway. If by some miracle I did pull it off CARB would probably try to squash me for daring to utilize performance cars in the sweet, sweet air of freedom that we all breathe in California.

      For Carwow to just ask BoostAddict to add carwow text linking to their site in our articles for free is absurd. It is not my job to help them with their SEO (search engine optimization). The fact the video is posted and getting views is more than enough on this end.

      The sheer audacity to ask for free anchored text links to help their Google placement and revenue is rage inducing. Where do they get off?

      Well, these are the same people who actually think they do a good job testing cars. Carwow, I tear apart your test videos because the 'testing' is terrible.

      Did you not read this?

      Quote Originally Posted by BoostAddict
      Somehow the CSL dominates the RS4 (poor driving?) off the line and in the drag race.

      The roll race has both start at 50 mph in 3rd gear which is not ideal for the low torque M3 which should be in second at that speed. At least Carwow doesn't wait for the automatic mode to select the right gear for the M3 like they usually do.

      Because of the M3 starting in the wrong gear the roll race is closer than it should be. If they were driven properly the RS4 would be closer in the drag race than the roll race.
      You do not use trap speeds or start cars in the correct gear. You did a terrible job drag racing an all wheel drive turbo RS4. It should not lose off the line to an SMG E46 M3 CSL. Seriously, figure out what a 1/4 mile trap speed is. It's not hard.

      Furthermore, in your other test videos you wait for cars to 'kickdown' instead of starting in the right gear from a roll. Are these videos supposed to be about seeing which car is fastest or which transmission downshifts best? It's idiotic.

      Here is another example:

      You drag and roll race the Porsche 992 C4S, BMW 850i, Nissan GT-R Nismo, and the Audi R8 V10 Plus. The Audi wins the drag race yet loses the roll race to the GT-R despite pulling hardest in the drag race. Why does the R8 lose? Because you morons put it in the wrong gear.

      Stop. Racing. Cars. In. The. Wrong. Gear.

      A 50 mph roll from third gear? The R8 should be in second gear. Not third. What is the point of doing these videos if you screw up basic details?

      Even so, why not put in minimal effort and use a GPS box to time acceleration? That way it eliminates your kickdown nonsense and being in the wrong gear stupidity as it times the cars from speed to speed. That way you don't have to try to get four cars to start at the same time at speed with walkie-talkies which is just stupid to begin with.

      Provide some useful testing data and actually have legitimate comparisons instead of pandering for YouTube views and begging for links so you can get more commissions from auto sales you utter dipsticks.

      Hopefully you read this and improve your videos. Or keep the quality low. Either way don't ever ask me to do your work for you ever again.

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        Great post!
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        Carwow are my heroes
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Blown6 Click here to enlarge
        Carwow are my heroes
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        All hail Carwow

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        Audi should sue them to recifiy the video. It hurts R8 as a new facelifted model.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by SeanWRT Click here to enlarge
        Audi should sue them to recifiy the video. It hurts R8 as a new facelifted model.
        I don't think they need to go that far. Better to just have Audi enthusiasts call it out for what it is, garbage.