• Volvo limiting it cars to 112 mph top speed

      Volvo sure is a fun company, eh? Volvo announced all of their 2021 and on model year cars will be limited to 180 kilometers per hour or 111.8 miles per hour. The goal is to reduce traffic fatalities but you can still kill people or yourself at 112 miles per hour or less.

      This is one of those things that will not make a major impact but will give Volve the appearance of caring about safety which is their marketing image. The speed limit is just arbitrary. What matters here is the free marketing.

      If you want to go fast in a Volve the Polestar performance brand will not be affected. All three Polestar enthusiasts just rejoiced.

      The real issue is the pedestrian mortality rate raising and the reason for this is not top speed but the weight and size of cars rising. Volvo's effort here is just good for some virtue points.


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