• Weistec W.3 McLaren 720S M840T turbo upgrade clearing 1000 horsepower - Dyno, specs

      If you are a McLaren 720S owner (lucky you) the amount of tuning options hitting the market is incredible. Weistec just launched their W.3 turbo upgrade for the platform and it is making some big, big power.

      Here is the W.3 turbo upgrade on 91 octane pump gas overlaid with a stock run from a car with aftermarket downpipes:

      There is just a slight spool sacrifice for what amounts to a whole lot more top end punch. Do not forget these are numbers on a Mustang dyno. Let's just say Weistec is adding roughly 300 crank horsepower which is conservative based on this dyno type.

      Wheel output rises to 846 horsepower and 709 lb-ft of torque. The torque curve is flatter and wider too before dropping off around 6800 rpm.

      846 to wheels on a Mustang dyno on 91 octane pump fuel is simply crazy everyday power. The water-meth system is doing wonders and if you are not running water-meth injection, think it over again.

      This is a hybrid turbo upgrade:

      Quote Originally Posted by Weistec
      The Weistec W.3 Turbo Upgrade for the McLaren 720s provides vastly improved top end performance of the 4.0L twin turbo M840T Engine. Where the factory turbos peak out shortly after 6000 rpm causing power to drop as revs increase towards 8000 rpm, the Weistec W.3 Turbos hold power until the rev limiter.

      The factory turbocharges are disassembled and fully inspected. The compressor cover and center cartridge are then machined to accept our 5-axis CNC machined impeller wheel which despite being substantially larger, weighs the same as the factory cast impeller wheel. Externally, no changes are made to maintain a completely stock appearance. The new impeller wheel supports greater power levels than the factory unit with little to no sacrifice in spool and response thanks to its light weight construction. The turbochargers are then reassembled with new seals and bearings, then fully balanced for smooth operation and OEM service life. All the OEM oil and coolant lines bolt right up making for a simple install.

      For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec Downpipes, and Weistec High Flow Air Filters is recommended. A Weistec W.3 Turbo Specific ECU Upgrade is recommended.
      We are in the era of 1000 horsepower McLaren 720S M840T's being the norm.

      Key Features:

      • 200+ WHP capable depending on fuel and supporting modifications
      • 5 Axis CNC Machined
      • High RPM Balanced for perfection operation
      • Substantial power throughout the RPM range
      • Stock Appearance when installed
      • 100% Bolt on installation
      • All necessary hardware and gaskets are included
      • Core exchange/charge required


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        SpeedLimit? -
        This car is legendary. Phenomenal work by Weistec.
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        Sticky -
        That kind of power on a Mustang on 91 octane no less... man.

        Heh, at least maybe I can hang with a stock one in the M3.