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      You have to give HRE props here for doing something different as their new designs seemed to stagnate. The end result here is not the most aesthetically pleasing wheel as it looks like something out of a Lego Technic kit but it certainly is different and points toward future design methods.

      HRE states:

      The "HRE3D+" is the result of an intensive design collaboration between HRE Wheels and GE Additive. The two companies worked together to push the boundaries of what is possible to create the first 3D-printed titanium automotive wheel.
      Basically this is a test bed application designed to get attention and mission accomplished.

      Here is how this design process stands out:

      With a traditional aluminum Monoblok wheel, 80% of material is removed from a 100-pound forged block of aluminum to create the final product. With additive manufacturing, only 5% of the material is removed and recycled, making the process far more efficient. Titanium also has a much higher specific strength than aluminum and is corrosion resistant, allowing it to be extremely lightweight and to be shown in its raw finish.

      There was an intensive design collaboration between the Vista, California based team at HRE and the
      GE AddWorks team out of Ohio. Using design queues from two existing models of HRE wheels, the
      two companies worked together to create a stunning example of what is possible with additive
      manufacturing. The wheel was produced on two Arcam EBM machines - Q20 and a Q10 in five
      separate sections, then combined using a custom center section and bolted to a carbon fiber rim using
      titanium fasteners.
      This is not a production wheel but a demo of the 3D Printing titanium wheel process that can be applied in the future.

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      1. BLKROKT's Avatar
        BLKROKT -
        Holy crap. Where do I send the money.
      1. DFM's Avatar
        DFM -
        Cleaning those look fun. Love the new manufacturing tech though.
      1. BLKROKT's Avatar
        BLKROKT -
        If you can afford these future wheels, you can pay someone to clean them.

        Besides, surely they have nano-tech or some sort of force field that repels dirt.
      1. subaru335i's Avatar
        subaru335i -
        That is wild. Looks super cool. Not clean or "classy" but if I saw it on the street anyone would be impressed.
      1. Torgus's Avatar
        Torgus -
        What is the cost so I can add it to my list of things i will never buy?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        They didn't release the cost. Apparently worth the marketing expense.
      1. Markblackwell's Avatar
        Markblackwell -
        makes my eyes hurt, If they were 100$ I wouldnt buy a set
      1. eric84405's Avatar
        eric84405 -
        I agree with Markblackwell. Those wheels are fugly!
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Ugh, no.
      1. Rotary Rasp's Avatar
        Rotary Rasp -
        I bet they are still heavier than carbon fiber.