• Speedtech releases N54 cast manifold single turbo kit - 810 whp

      Speedtech is known on BimmerBoost for their N55 turbo kit but now they are releasing an N54 single turbo conversion. The N54 single turbo kit market sure is crowded and increasingly so each passing day but Speedtech seems to bringing some big guns to the mix.

      First, their demo car is a 2010 BMW 335i running a Borg Warner SX-E 364 (8776) turbocharger.

      An 810 whp dynograph at 29 psi definitely will get attention although keep in mind Dynocoms read high:

      What are some of the kit specs?

      Manifold/downpipe/dumppipe arrangement advantages:

      • Efficient flowpath with consistent boost control
      • Keeps wastegate cold-side in cool air for reliability and easy spring changes
      • Places O2 sensors in ideal location to keep sensor body temps down to prolong life and allow easy access for service.
      • Fewest joints and welds for leak free, trouble free operation
      • Provides ample clearance from all hot-side components
      • Allows use of stock motor mount isolator

      Cast manifold:

      Quote Originally Posted by Speedtech
      Similar to our N55 manifold, we designed the N54 manifold to not sacrifice on anything. Maximum bend radii, flow simulation, stress analysis, thermal cycling analysis… This manifold design takes an OEM approach to making huge power.
      There are plenty of turbo options to choose from:

      • BorgWarner
        • SX-E 252, 257, 362, 363, 364

      • Garrett
        • G, GT, GTW, GTX 3076, 3576, 3582, 3584, 4088

      • Precision
        • 5558, 5858, 5862, 6062, 6262, 6266, 6466, 6766, 6870, 6875, 7275

      The pricing is aggressive:

      We'll see how the N54 community responds to this offering but it is yet another option to consider.


      • Turbo of your choice (T3 or T4 from BW, Precision, Garrett)
      • Cast Exhaust Manifold (divided for twin scroll), ceramic coated, single wastegate port (fully divided), O2 bungs (N54 version)
      • Tial MVR or Turbosmart Hypergate wastegate
      • Tig welded 3” stainless steel downpipe
      • Tig welded 1.75” stainless steel wastegate pipe
      • RH engine mount support bracket, for use with stock isolator to maintain vehicle NVH
      • Billet aluminum coolant manifold
      • Silicone coolant hose from pump to block/manifold
      • Stainless braided oil feed hose
      • Billet aluminum oil drain manifold, fitting, hose
      • Billet aluminum oil and coolant block fittings and plugs
      • Billet aluminum intercooler adapter (stock style connection)
      • Silicone inlet hose (turbo to air filter)
      • Silicone boost pipe (turbo to intercooler)
      • Billet aluminum stock airbox adapter (N55 only)
      • Aluminum intake tube with billet PCV fitting (N55 only)
      • Stainless steel V-band clamp
      • Required fasteners and hose clamps
      • Full instructions with pictures

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      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Now THIS is awesome!!!
      1. Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
        Tony@VargasTurboTech -
        Looks like a very well thought out kit. Nice Job
      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        good job Click here to enlarge
      1. Icewall's Avatar
        Icewall -
        now thats what im talking about. keeping it simple and the price down. I much prefer to have the turbo down low on these cars for clearance and to keep the heat away from the hood and valve cover. it only makes sense to do it that way since the motor sits on an angle. why fight it? plus we aren't currently at any insane power levels that would require any over the top complex design.
      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        Wow, that seems like a really cheap price!
      1. 7plagues's Avatar
        7plagues -
        Looks like a great kit, at a reasonable price.
      1. maxnix's Avatar
        maxnix -
        This is on stock internals?

        Clean appearing kit.
      1. Torgus's Avatar
        Torgus -
        The kit we all should have had 6 years ago. Seriously.
      1. Enfiftyfore's Avatar
        Enfiftyfore -
        $2900+ seems like vague pricing.
      1. blaster3500's Avatar
        blaster3500 -
        Glad to see this finally released!

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Enfiftyfore Click here to enlarge
        $2900+ seems like vague pricing.
        Do the math $2300 + look up the cost of the wastegate and turbo you choose.
      1. jturboawd's Avatar
        jturboawd -
        the + I am sure is depending on turbo selection. He is just going to carry the delta over. I assume the cheapest turbo/wg combo is 600 bucks.
      1. Enfiftyfore's Avatar
        Enfiftyfore -
        That makes sense. I'm going to keep this in mind. Really happy to see a cast manifold.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Apparently they have a setup just like this they are announcing for the N55 shortly.
      1. Weehe's Avatar
        Weehe -
        They have had N55 kits for almost a year already. Unless it's a new kit for E series that can fit other turbos.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Weehe Click here to enlarge
        They have had N55 kits for almost a year already. Unless it's a new kit for E series that can fit other turbos.
        I think it's a new kit being mentioned but I could be mistaken.
      1. jturboawd's Avatar
        jturboawd -
        im sure its a new kit to fit the smaller frame turbo. I have the EFR kit which I love but the turbo is so freaking big.