This is such a load of marketing garbage that nobody can possibly take it seriously. Porsche released this video titled 'The Committee' that is supposed to highlight the importance and planning that went into creating the new Cayman and Boxster GTS. The video takes itself way too seriously showing important Porsche personnel all over the world dropping what they are doing for what appears to be the most important meeting of their lives.

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The Porsche engineers and executives all gather in a board room and the chairman announces, "Build a Boxster and Cayman worthy of the GTS badge." He then says thank you and excuses himself from the room leaving the Porsche personnel to ponder how to build the car.

The discussion probably went something like this:

Porsche Engineer: So what should we design?
Porsche Accountant: Let's just change the software, increase the price, add a couple options already available as standard, say it took months of planning, overtime, and engineering, and take a paid vacation.
Everyone: Brilliant!

It took these people longer to get to the meeting room than it did to design the GTS. The video is longer than the time it took to design the GTS. It took more effort to edit this video than it did to design the GTS. If this is what Porsche considers worthy of the GTS badge then the only thing anyone learned from this video is that the GTS badge is a joke. Get out of here with this crap Porsche, you're better than this.