Here we finally a stock 991 Turbo at the drag strip as all the 1/4 mile sprints thus far have been from the 991 Turbo S. At PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway) Champion managed using launch control to run a 10.939 @ 126.090. This puts the 10.63 @ 128 a 991 Turbo S hit on the drag strip in Bahrain into perspective. Two completely different locations but the 991 Turbo S seems to be offering roughly in the ~2-3 mile per hour range in trap speed on the 991 Turbo.

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To further put the 991 Turbo and 991 Turbo S in perspective keep in mind a GIAC tuned 997.2 Turbo S managed a 10.6@130. The runs for the 991 will improve slightly as more owners take the cars to the track especially in areas with negative density altitude conditions (this 991 Turbo was run in positive DA) but the car is running 10's in either standard or S trim.

Is the 991 Turbo S worth the extra couple miles per hour of trap speed over the standard Turbo? We will be able to answer this question definitively once tuned examples of each hit the strip.