AudiBoost worried that Audi would water down the lineup by simply throwing out whatever they could to reach their goal of two million annual sales by 2020. News that they plan to expand their performance SUV offering alleviates a bit of that concern. Audi trademarked the names SQ2, SQ4, and also the Q9 which will be the new flagship SUV. This also means that Q2 and Q4 models are definitely coming but the Audi performance emphasis with these models is nice to see.

Now what motors will the SQ4 and SQ2 have? Who knows as it will be at least a couple years before we see these models. The Q4 will likely go up against the BMW X4 and Range Rover Evoque.

Let's hope the new models are as good as the SQ5 and the RS Q3. Audi is definitely stepping their game up across the board.

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