110-130 pounds may not sound like a lot of weight to lose but keep in mind the current R8 chassis is already made of lightweight aluminum. Weight saving is the area German automakers are really starting to seriously focus on and it is a good thing to see from Audi whose cars have historically been quite heavy. The R8 is based on the Gallardo yet the R8 carries a weight penalty versus its Lamborghini cousin of several hundred pounds.

Audi will incorporate more carbon fiber such as in the floorboard to save weight. With these measures they should be able to get the next generation car in the 35XX range which does not sound too light but it is lighter. What would be best really would be for Audi to try to match the Gallardo weight as well as that of its successor, the Cabrera.

The R8 will debut after the Cabrera makes its debut likely after a year or two.

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