Congratulations to APR who was able to raise the bar for the Golf R with a stock turbocharger 1/4 mile run of 12.417@113.06. Keep in this is a 2.0 liter four cylinder motor so mid-12 second performance on the stock turbocharger is rather impressive. The Golf R of course also benefits from all wheel drive which accounts for the 1.754 60 foot but also makes this performance essentially repeatable on the street.

This Golf R also has the manual transmission (no DSG option in the USA) but DSG cars on the stock turbo have broken into the 11's showing the disparity between the transmissions. It would be interesting to see what APR would do with the same mods on a DSG car. Those modifications being a Stage 2+ 100 octane tune, VWR intake, APR intercooler, HPFP upgrade, and an aftermarket downpipe.

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