This is a very odd comparison by two vehicles that do not exactly overlap in purpose or demographic. That is partially what makes it so fun to see. On one side you have the very powerful (550 horsepower) and very heavy (4883 pound) 958 Cayenne Turbo S. On the other you have its polar opposite relatively weak (140 horsepower) but very lightweight (1146 pound) Caterham 7 Supersport. So that begs the question, which is the fastest?

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Around the track the weight of the Caterham favors it greatly. The Cayenne simply has to take a brute force approach with power as the center of gravity, braking, and weight are all working against it and it shows. The Cayenne posts an impressive 1:26.8 laptime. The Caterham on the other does a 1:24.8 beating the Cayenne by two seconds.

The fact the Cayenne Turbo S is within two seconds around the track of a car designed for the track which weighs almost 3700 pounds less speaks volumes as to the quality of the Cayenne as well as how far the idea of the performance SUV has come.

Video below.