BMW is to be commended for creating a niche with the X6 and a successful one at that. Essentially, they took what Mercedes-Benz did with the CLS creating the four door coupe segment and applied to an SUV giving it a lower roofline for sleeker looks. Now everybody else is scrambling to catch up and it seems Audi intends to join the fray with a Q8 to compete. The Q8 of course will be based on the Q7 so just as the X5 and X6 share a platform so will the Q7 and Q8.

This also means the Q8 will share the same weight loss as the next generation Q7 which is set to shed about 800 pounds. That means it will be lighter than the X6. If this car comes by 2017 though the X6 will likely be gearing up for a next generation model. Regardless, expect the Q8 as a 2017 model with 4.0 TFSI V8 power. Also expect a Q8 RS to take on the X6 M.

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