The current Audi Q7 is a solid SUV but also pretty heavy with the diesel and V8 (which has now been replaced with a lighter 3.0 TFSI) versions coming in at about 5500 pounds. Audi has shown a lot of emphasis on as of late on lightweight materials showing they are very aware their vehicles used to be the heaviest in the segment. That is changing and Audi is quite serious about it going so far as to shave 800 pound from the Q7 for the next generation Q7 model.

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That means a curb weight somewhere around the 4700 pound range. That would undercut the current BMW X5, Mercedes ML, and Porsche Cayenne.

It definitely is nice to see Audi put an emphasis on making its models lighter and not just adding power to mask it (like BMW as of late). Expect the new Q7 in 2015.