This is a rumor that does not seem to want to die but apparently it has some legs. In September of last year VW CEO Marin Winkerkorn stated that the VW Group would not be making any more acquisitions and instead would focus on its core brands. However, today we learn that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler and FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne are in talks regarding a major deal according to private sources although that is not official company confirmation. The question is, will this rumored deal be Audi's acquisition of Alfa-Romeo?

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Alfa is returning to the USA. Audi has a dealer network. Alfa is launching new models and getting ready to expand. VW has the money. On paper, the deal does make sense and just look at what Audi has done with Italian manufacturers Lamborghini obviously being the most obvious example. Audi also acquired Ducati last year.

Don't get too excited. An Audi spokesman said this, "There is no substance in the news.” Marchionne also stated that Alfa-Romeo is not for sale. FIAT needs money to gain further control of Chrysler however. The automotive rumor mill keeps churning and everyone knows if you throw enough money at something...