Some very impressive results here on a ProEFI standalone equipped 996 Turbo with the Saad Racing Turbo kit. At just 13 psi of boost on the stock internals the car put down 618 horsepower to the wheels and 597 rear wheel torque on a relatively mild tune. This is also with the stock airbox which they are planning to replace. At only 13 psi of boost it is safe to say there is a lot more power in this setup especially with race gas, an aggressive tune, and higher boost.

The turbos are billet units stated as "55/58" wheels which they claims are capable of flowing enough to support 1200 horsepower. Obviously a built motor would be required for those power levels as well as significant fuel system upgrades. The ProEFI supports and flex fuel setup and the dyno below is with 40% E85 in the tank with the rest of the fuel just pump gas.

PorscheBoost is looking forward to seeing what this setup evolves to and is capable of. Here is the SAE dynojet graph as to where it stands as of right now.

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