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    New Dart LS blocks

    Pretty cool there is another option out right now

    Racers and street enthusiasts will soon have an additional option in designing engine combinations when Dart Machinery introduces its LS Next cylinder block at the SEMA Show.

    The new block integrates the robust heritage of a traditional Chevy small-block with the performance potential of the late-model LS engine architecture. Available in either high-nickel cast iron or compacted graphite iron (CGI), the block rectifies some of the LS’s more noticeable shortcomings on the bottom end while still supporting the high-flow and efficient cylinder heads developed for the Gen III and IV platforms.
    Click here to enlarge“Our customers have been asking for years why we didn’t make an LS block,” explains Dart’s Jack McInnis. “We’ve made a billet racing version but not a cast version. We looked at a number of design possibilities, and we feel this is the best option.”
    Dart’s hesitancy to launch a cast-block program first centered on production concerns, but of more importance to the eventual performance customer was the original LS deep-skirt crankcase design that includes 6-bolt, cross-drilled mains. The crankshaft bays are isolated from each other, which can result in unwanted windage issues.
    “This causes a loss of power in performance applications when the oil gets whipped up around the crank,” stresses McInnis.
    To solve the problem, Dart drew inspiration from the original Chevy small-block by replacing the LS “Y” block construction with a traditional Chevy crankcase design and beefy 4-bolt main caps, which can be ductile iron or steel. The outer bolts are splayed on caps #2, #3 and #4. The blocks feature full main webbing for increased bottom-end strength, and 7/16-inch main-cap bolts are used.
    "We need to upgrade your skill before we upgrade your horsepower"

    -Tommy to Josh

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    Advantages or disadvantage between nickel cast iron and compacted graphite iron?

    Why not a billet aluminum block? From what I understand Dart can make a custom block out of billet aluminum for anything.

    Edit: Read through and I see they have one for racing, guessing its more expensive.

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